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condition of participation - Social Media


A lottery begins as soon as a new question and/or video is published on the lottery page and ends on (1) the date specified on the lottery page or (2) when the end of the lottery is announced in the corresponding social network or (3) at the latest two months after the start of the lottery ("promotion period").


The prize to be won is described in detail on the lottery page of the corresponding lottery page ("Prize").


In order to participate in sweepstakes, you must:

be at least 18 years old;

Click "Like" on the bwin Facebook page or follow bwin on Twitter;

Answer the competition question correctly or fulfill an alternative condition mentioned on the competition page;

have a place of residence in Germany or Europe (unless otherwise stated);

meet any other conditions mentioned on the Facebook page, in the app or on Twitter.


If you meet the eligibility requirements during the promotion period, you will participate in a draw to be entered within three days of the end of the competition or the winners will be selected ("Draw").


The winner (s) will be randomly selected ("Winners").


BUTEO eSports will contact the winner in the form of a personal message on the respective social network, by e-mail or via a telephone number provided. The winner must provide proof of identity and registration address in order to receive the prize.


Depending on the prize, the winner may have to accept the terms and conditions of third parties in order to receive the prize ("special conditions"). 


All participants involved in fraudulent activities, who do not meet the eligibility requirements or who cannot prove their residence within 24 days of our request will be excluded from the draw and/or will not be able to receive the prize. It is your responsibility to provide us with accurate and up-to-date information.


BUTEO eSports reserves the right to collect the price at its own discretion at any time and without stating any reasons and to replace it with a comparable price, including a lower value. However, bwin is expressly not obliged to replace the prize or offer an alternative profit.


The prize is not transferable, has no monetary value and may not be sold or passed on to third parties for any reason whatsoever without the consent of BUTEO eSports. If the winner does not accept the prize for any reason, he has to inform BUTEO eSports about the waiver. BUTEO eSports will then determine a new winner in a new draw.


BUTEO eSports cannot be held liable for any damages incurred by winners or other participants as a result of participating in a sweepstake. Unless expressly stated otherwise, it is always the responsibility of the winners to pay for any travel expenses incurred and to take out any necessary insurance policies.


All participants acknowledge that Facebook is in no way responsible for the conduct and monitoring of this sweepstake. This promotion is neither sponsored nor supported by Facebook. Facebook cannot be held liable by participants if bwin fails to properly conduct this sweepstake. By participating in this competition, you agree to provide BUTEO eSports - but not Facebook - with personal information.